Sewn Fabric Resume

Sewn Resume
I get so many emails about my sewn fabric resume, usually found on Flickr, that I figured I’d make a post and brief instructions on how to make your own.

I initially made this resume during my senior year in college. I wanted it to really represent not only my design skills, but my affection for sewing and including handmade elements in my design work for a more intimate feel. That and, well, I suppose it would be harder to throw away a resume like this. And yes, I got the first job I applied for out of college.

Melissa Washin Sewn Resume
The briefest of tutorials:

1) Print your resume on t-shirt transfer paper (remember to flip the design before you print it)

2) Iron that bad boy onto white or light colored fabric. I chose plain white woven cotton.

3) Sew your new fabric resume to a colorful fabric backing of your choice.

That’s it! In this version, I embroidered a small MW at the top. Get creative!