Weekly Finds 4

New York Fashion Week Poster

I obviously melt for anything handcrafted in design. These posters for New York Fashion week by Jiin Kim are gorgeous, combining stitching and paper, the visual gives an urban grid-like feel that definitely represents New York City. (via designworklife)


F*ck You, Pay Me

Notorious Twitter personality Mike Monteiro sounds off at his talk, “F*ck You, Pay Me”. He covers the importance of having a tight contract with clients for everyone’s protection, common contract items, and even brings his attorney on stage to explain some common scenarios where contracts can save a designer.


Clear – ToDo iPhone App

Clear is a an iPhone app that isn’t released yet, but the promo video shows a pretty innovative UI that finally starts to stretch the unique interactions that are possible with a touch screen.


Archive – Free Font

Woo! New free font! Archive is geometric, with a slightly futuristic feel, and rounded edges. Add it to your stock pile!