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Weekly Finds 4

New York Fashion Week Poster

I obviously melt for anything handcrafted in design. These posters for New York Fashion week by Jiin Kim are gorgeous, combining stitching and paper, the visual gives an urban grid-like feel that definitely represents New York City. (via designworklife)


F*ck You, Pay Me

Notorious Twitter personality Mike Monteiro sounds off at his talk, “F*ck You, Pay Me”. He covers the importance of having a tight contract with clients for everyone’s protection, common contract items, and even brings his attorney on stage to explain some common scenarios where contracts can save a designer.


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Weekly Finds 3

10 New Year’s Resolutions For Designers

Written by Twitter’s well-known potty-mouth Mike Monteiro, this article inspires designers to take themselves seriously by doing better work, taking more responsibility, and my very favorite, arguing better.


The Nicest Place On The Internet

Feeling down? Know someone that could use a hug? Yeah, apparently these guys did too. A great page to return to when your client asks you to make the logo bigger.


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Weekly Finds 2

Pantone Christmas Ornaments

I’m sure every designer wishes these Pantone Christmas Balls were hanging on their tree this year. I believe that pre-orders were taken earlier, but that you can no longer order them until the new year. Plan early for next year!!


WordPress Status Dashboard

One place to manage all of your clients’ WordPress installs. You can even see which plugins need updating on each site. Enough said.

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Weekly Finds 1

Voice & Tone

Voice & Tone is website that serves as the brand guidelines for writing copy for MailChimp. The MailChimp website always has cute witty banter on it, and it’s really interesting to see the public examples and guidelines for their actual employees.


Little Printer

Little Printer is a exactly that. It connects to an app in your phone and “publishes” relevant information or summaries from any sources you choose. The sample video shows printout summaries from news headlines, Foursquare, Instagram, a Word of the Day, and may more. It seems like your own personalized mini newspaper, and a great way to catch up on the important things while still taking a break from the glowing screen.

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