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Big Blue T-shirt

Big Blue Screen
I got an email today from a fellow football fan on Flickr asking if he could use my Giants wallpaper design to print a t-shirt. I sent him the files, and by the end of the day, he already had a screen made!

He is a sweetheart and offered to send me one when he’s done. Can’t wait!

UPDATE: Dan sent me another picture today of the printed shirt. I LOVE IT. Check out his online shop,

Robot Headphone Splitter

This little fella saved our lives on our recent trip to Puerto Rico. For only 11 bucks, I purchased this adorable headphone splitter at Fred Flare right before our trip.

My boyfran and I have gotten into a seriously addicting Dexter phase lately, and we wanted to watch episodes on my computer during the flight down. The headphone splitter allowed us to use our own headphones at the same time without that awkward “sharing an earbud” thing. The sound quality was awesome and I’m so glad I bought this!

Puerto Rico – Camuy Caves

Silly me, thought that this would be too adventurous for my clunky camera, so I left it in the car. Biggest mistake ever. This might have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and the most humbling.

The caves were a 2-hour drive from San Juan, and it used to have the third largest underground river flowing through it. It was such a humbling experience to be so small, standing inside a gigantic cavern. The picture can’t even convey the feeling properly.

Since I didn’t bring my own camera, I found some great shots from Flickr of the same caves we went to.

[by yo soy Frankie]

[by Flynn Wynn]

[by yl.june]

[by Kieth Anthony Ng]

[by Javier Ocasio]

[by polyfaze]

[by jeff_a_goldberg]

[by jeff_a_goldberg]

[by jeff_a_goldberg]

Puerto Rico – El Morro

These pictures were taken from El Morro, a fort built in the 1500′s (I think!). It only saw mild action twice, but it was absolutely gorgeous and interesting to read about soldiers’ lives in the fort.

Puerto Rico – Part 1

As a Christmas present, Jesse took me to Puerto Rico for a week! He had been working insanely hard at work, and it was a chance for both of us to get away and relax. Our trip was canceled TWICE, due to the snow in NY after Christmas, and then again due to a storm in Atlanta, where we’d be transferring. The third time was a charm, and we finally made it down there.

The first couple of days were mostly about relaxing. We stayed in a great resort that was totally remote. We drank beer and wine, ate an obscene amount of cheese and laid out in the sun. I didn’t catch too many pictures of this part, because we were in vacation-shock.

On the second day we ventured out to take an advised “scenic tour” of the island. We covered about a quarter of it after driving for 5 hours. It was absolutely gorgeous. Giant cliffs on the coast, and dense rainforests in the center. There was so much lush greenery going on!

We expected to be able to stop and grab a bite to eat somewhere, but it came as a real eye-opener to realize how poor the entire island is. It seemed as if it had been busy and prolific at some point, but it’s current state was completely run down and abandoned, almost always with huge bars covering all homes and businesses. It was a reality check about our own expectations, and it kind of saddened us for the rest of the day.

Our second hotel was right outside of Old San Juan. It was on the beach and had amazing views. We were able to easily take quick cab rides into Old San Juan for adventure time! We explored a few places for food there and had some yummy lunches. Our concierge pointed us in the direction of the place where the pina colada was supposedly invented, and we chomped on some delicious nachos with rice and beans. I had killer mahi mahi at another place as well.

Later on, we did some cave exploring and historical fort adventuring! I guess those will be other parts to come!

Bad-Ass Pepper Mill

Check out what Santa brought me! When I hinted around that I really wanted a pepper mill, I didn’t even know something this amazing existed! Pepper on everything!

And making a guest appearance, is my cat who lives upstate with my parents!

Cruise to the Western Caribbean

Last week, I went on a cruise to the western Caribbean with 18 family members. We are no ordinary family. There were no 80 year-old grandparents or 6 year-old nephews to account for. Just family members mostly in our 20′s and 30′s who love to all hang out together.

We left from Miami and stopped at Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.

Fun times were had.

Waiting at the Boynton Beach train station to take me to Miami. I snuck in a quick visit with the grandparents before the cruise.

Boynton Beach train station.

Sun setting over Downtown Miami as the cruise ship pulls away.

It took an entire day to sail past Cuba.

Our lovely Carnival Liberty docked at Cozumel.

My sister and I responsibly being the first people in our group to arrive.

Still waiting for our day to start in Cozumel.

Gorgeous beach cove at a bar that was part of our bar hop in Cozumel.

No blog post would be complete without a cat picture.

We are all heavily lubricated at this point.

Dad and I at our last stop of the bar hop!


Enjoying a full day of beachy goodness at Grand Cayman.

This guy’s enjoying it too.

The noticeably nicest bit of typography I saw on this trip was on the side of the boat, simply meant to be a functional message.

I encountered Papyrus at every single stop, in addition to Hobo, Bauhaus, and a bit of Comic Sans and even the Curlz typeface (I’m looking at you, Fort Lauderdale Airport).

All in all, quite a successful and relaxing trip!