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Puerto Rico Drunks

Jesse and I realized how much we were drinking during on our vacation to Puerto Rico in January, so we decided to keep track.
I knew I wanted to make an infographic, but it got put off for a while. Better late than never!

Puerto Rico Alcohol Inforgraphic

See it larger here.

Dirty Jerz

I can take pictures of cats other than my own, you know.

A Myspace Picture Retrospective

I’m not sure what it was about Myspace that was so fascinating/entertaining/awful/addicting. I feel like I got my fair share of the Myspace experience. Sixteen seemed to be just about the right age to love a website that allowed me to brand myself, with pictures and a carefully worded profile. I was able to craft an identity for my narcissistic self.

Like so many other teenagers at the time, I became a pro at the one-handed flipped self portrait from an arm’s length away. Or taking the picture from a ridiculously high angle, because everyone looks better from above, duh. Add in a wide-eyed stare at the camera and some rudimentary Photoshop skills, and you’ve got yourself a stereotypical Myspace picture.

Following yesterday’s nostalgic design school post from my external hard drive, here are some of my own favorite Myspace pictures from back in the day.

(God help us if these six ladies ever get together in the same place ever again.)