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6 Great Albums To Design To

Sometimes a little music in the background really helps me get my design on. Like I expect most people prefer, I enjoy music that is way more than bland, but doesn’t command too much attention, and easily falls into the background when I’m really getting focused. These are a few of my favorite albums to design to. I put them in order from mellow to upbeat.

The Album Leaf – In A Safe Place

I’d happily put this or Sigur Ros on in the morning or perhaps a rainy day when my willpower is going strong and some pleasant background music just keeps me moving at my productive pace. This has also prevented the effects of stressed out coworkers from making their way into my office.

Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks

I throw on Frightened Rabbit when I have a lot of tedious work to do. The rhythmic songs keep me calm and moving at a steady pace.

The Age of Rockets – Hannah

This album usually goes on in the afternoon during that inevitable lull in motivation and energy. It offers an extra burst of motion to keep me on track.

Mae – Destination: Beautiful

Mae is purely nostalgic for me and ends up on my iTunes when I may have had a meeting that didn’t quite go my way. It reminds me of a time when things were simpler and to keep my chin up since I still have to keep working!

Minus The Bear – Highly Refined Pirates

Okay, it’s officially 6pm in the office and you know you’re not finishing up any time soon. Time to break out the energy, and a mood boost wouldn’t hurt right now either. The only way this work is getting done is with a little butt shaking going on.

fun. – Aim and Ignite

Well, the cleaning lady has now told you about all three of her grandchildren, and everyone else has left the office. It’s 10pm and you’re feeling a little nutty. It’s the home stretch, and fun. will help you along. Feel free to sing along since no one else is in the office anymore anyway. I have also been known to rock Queen’s Greatest hits at this stage.

These are just a few of my favorites, but I’m always up for some new suggestions.
What do you listen to in different stages of your day?