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Butt-Head Wallpaper

Needed a 15 minute break from client work today, and this is what happened.
Download it for your iPhone here!

Frankie Says Relax

I made a quick iPhone wallpaper for Jesse Burton because he’s having a super busy week. I figured some of you out in the internet might benefit from a little relaxation as well.
This wallpaper is sized for iPhones, but will work well with most smart phones!

Download the full size here!

Free Website Contest Winner

Thanks so much to every one who entered!
There was an interesting range of websites to be made, and I’ve made my decision.
I wish I could make everyone’s site, and I am honestly keeping a second place winner on the back burner if I get another urge to design free websites.

I will be making a website for the Stuffed Enuff Marshmallow Company!
This husband and wife duo make gourmet marshmallows for fun and would like to turn it into a business.
You can view their existing Facebook page here.

I chose their company because it not only helps out a couple starting a business, but I imagine it’ll be a really adorable and fun project as well.

Keep checking back to see how the Stuffed Enuff website is coming along, as I’ll be documenting the whole process.

Thanks again! You guys made it really tough!

Website Contest

Yup, all you have to do is tell me a very convincing reason why you need a website.
I’ll be picking one person that I think would be a fun challenge, and I will design a website for them.
I’ll have a fun time documenting this whole process too!

Find out more info on the contest page.

Christmas Wallpapers

Screw all that neutral holiday BS. This Jew made you some Christmas Wallpapers.

And Happy first day of Hanukkah!